CANNIXX is a cutting-edge company committed to delivering the highest
quality CBD isolate products. Founded by people rooted in wellness,
we achieve results through rigorous standards with a
refusal to compromise.



Marsha R. - Mother in law

I am a 71-year-old woman with chronic back pain and insomnia. I have been using Cannixx 750 ML oil for about 2 months and have had great results. Before using this product I was lucky to get 2 hours of sleep at night. Now I am getting 6 to 7 hours of restful sleep.

JJ Jeffrey the Camp Gladiator trainer

We have been so happy with Cannixx on how it has helped our son reduce his anxiety and meltdowns. We have tried other hemp oils in the past, and never saw results like we have with Cannixx.

Ruby and Brad

We have just tried our Cannixx for a few days, and already the carpel tunnel symptoms I experience have dulled. My husbands sore back, which is always tense, has eased up to a tolerable level.
We realize that stress plays a huge role in the state of our physical health.

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